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Anthill 101

go away

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25 August 1983
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I hate everyone...that's all you need to know
absalom absalom, acid mothers temple, aldous huxley, amt, anglophobia, anglophobic, anti-you, armenia, armenian, as i lay dying, b-movies, bad grammar, bad hygiene, bad taste, bardo pond, bass guitar, bela lugosi, bongs call sheppard, caddy compson, caddy/quentin, captain beefheart, charles bon, charles/henry, christopher lee, clusterfucking, coining words, compsoncest, dalton ames, darl bundren, dick rot, dieses, dilsey, disliking you, ed wood, embarrassing behavior, ethan's penis pump, f. scott fitzgerald, faking illness, father ted, faulkner, faulknerslash, fear of farts, fish for dinner, fish for lunch, flower travellin band, flower travelling band, fritz lang, fuck the white man, fuck this shit, fuck your ethics, fuck your rules, getting lembach to stay, go down moses, h.p. lovecraft, happy now, hating, hearing voices, henry in bloomers, hiding under my desk, honeysuckle, i hate the irish, inappropriate behavior, interestswith morethen5words, judging people prematurely, judith sutpen, kawabata makoto, lack of punctuation, laughing maniacally, laurel's rack, light in august, made up words, making shit up, men namedafter inanimate objects, mogwai, mulholland drive, munchausen syndrome, munchausen syndrome by proxy, munchausen syndrome not-by proxy, mystery science theater 3000, münchhausen syndrome, nanowrimo, new england, no ethics, no liver, norman rockwell's america, notlanguage, notpeople, obscure lj interests, occitan, perverted comments, pissing off whitey, pissing on whitey, poor grammar, professor steiner, psychotronic films, quentin compson, sanctuary, see me run, see_me_run, sheila in her underwear, shreve mccannon, smelly armpits, snopes, social conditioning, spacemen 3, stanley kubrick, staring at people inappropriately, stream of consciousness, sutpen's hundred, sutpencest, talking to myself, terrastock, terrifying sea creatures, the civil war, the fallen south, the hamlet, the mansion, the old universal truths, the reivers, the town, the unvanquished, underwater, unidentified submerible objects, vd, verities of the heart, voices, voices in my head, watching drunk girls puke, we heart appleton, weird lj interests, where is my plot, wild mood swings, william faulkner, william murderface murderface murderface, wistaria, yipe stripes, yoknapatawpha county

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